Guy drinks from vase during live ABC Harrisburg broadcast, possibly a prank

Is it a mojito? Is it a delicious, fresh sage lemonade? Nope. That there is a water-filled vase with flowers.

During an ABC 27 Harrisburg broadcast, live from Pennsylvania state rep Patty Kim's victory celebration event, something strange happened while news anchor Dave Marcheskie delivered his report. In the background a seemingly unassuming man took a seat at the bar and then proceeds to gulp down water from a nearby vase as if he was quenching his thirst for the first time ever.

Turns out it wasn't just a funny coincidence; it was likely intentional.

The Patriot-News is reporting that the hilarious 'accident' was possibly an intentional prank constructed by someone at rival TV news station CBS 21. The thirsty man has been identified as Frank Treese, who is an IT employee at CBS. ABC is not thrilled. The clip went viral after being shown on Jimmy Kimmel’s show Wednesday night.

"We prefer to focus on the story that we were there to cover," said ABC 27 news director, Dave Jones. "We don't want to take away from that content. It was unfortunate. But we are moving forward."

When Patriot-News reached out for comment from CBS, but News Director Mike Bothwell was not given permission to speak on the incident.

[h/t Gawker]