Greta Gerwig signs on as lead for CBS’ ‘How I Met Your Dad’

Rumblings about CBS’s How I Met Your Mother sorta-kinda-spinoff, How I Met Your Dad, have been going since late last year, when the network promised a pilot along with a coming Tina Fey comedy. But with the addition of Frances Ha star Greta Gerwig, “sorta-kinda” just seems less applicable. 

Gerwig has signed on to play the “I” role for the spinoff, along with producing and proposed writing. Named Sally, producers describe Gerwig’s character as “a female Peter Pan who has never grown up and has no idea of where she’s going in life.” So, perhaps not surprisingly, the season begins with her in the midst of an impending divorce.

The result is typical sitcom fare, with Sally falling back on her friends for support and advice that sometimes goes awry. In that sense, How I Met Your Dad deviates from HIMYM in that the shows protagonists are at different points in their lives from the outset—female voice element aside. Which, of course, would make it more along the lines of a reboot than a spinoff.

While no characters from How I Met Your Mother will make it into the spinoff’s universe, the show will borrow the “flashback” technique that drove its inspiration. Additionally, the show’s pilot is set to start shooting soon in Los Angeles, though producers reportedly plan to move operations to New York City—where HIMYM is based.

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