Getting past Kanye, one episode at the time

People go on "reality" TV shows for all sorts of reasons, but hardly ever to quiet the haters.

Brooke Crittenden, who used to date Kanye West -- or as she puts it, "a very famous rapper" -- decided to join the cast of  BET's new unscripted drama "Harlem Heights," to let people know that she's not the woman you may (or may not) have read about on the blogs.

Crittenden, who works at MTV, said she hopes the public will see her as she really is, not merely the false image presented often presented in the media during her relationship with West.

If you see her and don't like her, well, "then you're just to determined to hate me, regardless."

You can decide for yourself starting March 2, when the show premieres. Filmed in high definition, it's set to follow Crittenden and seven other twentysomethings who are, according to the network, part of "New York's young, black and fabulous crowd."