Geico – You’ve gone too far!


It sometimes seems that television is made up of two things – Two and a Half Men reruns and Geico ads.

The auto insurer has run through so many commercial campaigns over the years, it’s only natural that some would be worse than others. But what are you going to do? Complaining about car insurance ads is like griping about the weather. You’re dealing with an inexhaustible force of nature.

But now the point has come when I really must draw a line in the proverbial sand. You no doubt have seen Geico’s latest gambit – where someone is put in a situation they could only dream of and a scruffy pair of folk singers note that they must be happier than a Geico costumer.

Unimaginative? Sure. Tiresome? Almost immediately. But until now it was not outright painful. We sat through the Gallagher at a farmer’s market spot, the body builder directing traffic and Christopher Columbus with speed boats. But have you seen this one?

That is so just insufferably sad. I’m not even a Money fan and I cannot bear to look at him and listen to him like this.

In an effort, however futile, to wash that image Geico has imprinted in our brains, I bring you a reminder of what "Two Tickets to Paradise" should sound like. This is Eddie on The Midnight Special in 1978.

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