Fred Willard to Fallon: ‘I did nothing wrong’


Fred Willard has long been one of TV’s most dependable comic utility men. So it’s probably no surprise that when he made his first televised appearance since his recent arrest for lewd conduct in a Los Angeles adult movie theater, he tried to laugh it off.

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Willard and Fallon turned the incident into schtick.

“The movie you went to see…was it The Firm?”


“Was it Free Willy?”


“Was it Anaconda?”

“No. Sadly it was Get Shorty.”

Perhaps tellingly, you can see Willard look over to the band, appealing to Roots’ drummer ?uestlove for a rimshot to reward that punchline. Denied! Is that a moral judgement? You take a look.


After professing his total innocence – none too convincingly we might add (you picked the theater for its Polynesian motif?) -- Willard went for one last joke wrapped around a plea for absolution.

“My summary of the whole evening was it’s an interesting theater, a boring movie and a great place to take a nap.” That’s all well and good, Fred, but nobody gets arrested for napping.



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