Fox cancels ‘Terra Nova’


Looks like Terra Nova, the extremely pricey sci-fi series produced by Steven Spielberg, has laid a colossal dinosaur egg. After a troubled, abbreviated and low-rated initial season, Fox pulled the plug late yesterday.

The premise of the show was that the earth had become so hopelessly polluted a century from now that a contingent of humanity was sent back 85 million years into the prehistoric past to start over again. It was Jurassic Park, but without the suspense.

The makers of Terra Nova announced they will shop it around to other TV outlets, but that prospect seems unlikely, because the cost/profit ratio has already played out once. And the show is a lot to bite off with more than 250 sets built in Australia and massive post-production required to make the dinosaurs come alive.

The cancellation puts more holes in Fox’s primetime schedule for next year. House is ending its run. Alcatraz and The Finder are iffy for renewal. Fringe, sadly, is not a certainty. And Touch, with Kiefer Sutherland, is starting so late, it’s impossible to gauge its popularity.

Was Terra Nova worth keeping? How would you have fixed it?



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