Down to two on ‘Idol’

Everybody step forward. Not so fast, Josh.


Well, somebody had to go. The suspenseful choice on American Idol last night came down to Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez or Joshua Ledet. Only two could progress to next week’s finals at the Nokia Theater. So who would suffer the most painful cut of all? Decisions, decisions.

In one sense, it didn’t matter. Whoever was chosen, the judges were going to be unhappy and I was going to mock the people’s choice. So stand back and let us do our jobs.

In the end it was Bring Your Mother to Work Day for Joshua. It was also his last day on the job. At the climax of the hour, it came down to the two guys and Joshua, the 19-year-old with the big voice and the big stage presence got the pink slip from Ryan Seagrape.

Ledet did a defeat lap, reprising “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” as roamed the set, hugging the finalists and the judges and pulling his mother up on stage.

This sets up a surprising showdown between Jessica Sanchez (who was eliminated once and brought back by the judges) and boho-wannabe Phillip Phillips.

One of the season’s more interesting hours lead up to the elimination. There was a classy opening which showed the trio on their obligatory home visit. The lovely music “Homeward Bound” was attributed solely to Paul Simon. Sorry about that, Garfunkel.

I love that sentence so much I'm going to type it again: Sorry about that, Garfunkel.

Then there was a performance by Lisa Marie Presley, a moody Chris Isaak type song on a stage hung with Spanish moss backed by a band of what looked like undertakers. Did Lisa Marie just wake up one morning at 43 and decide, “You know what? I think I want to be a singer?” Very weird. Take a look.

Lisa Marie Presley - You Aint See Nothing Yet -... by IdolxMuzic

Then It was Adam Lambert’s turn on stage. Is it just me, or did he look a lot more like Elvis’s offspring than Lisa Marie did? He rocked his single “Never Close Our Eyes”.

Little reminder, kids. Next time the Idol judges insist this is the best batch of singers the show has ever had (which should be in about another 45 seconds), make them watch this tape of Lambert. He finished second in season 8. I’d be more likely to pay for a ticket to see him perform than any of the three on that stage last night.

And with all that going on, we still found time in the hour for a long, long plug for the animated Fox film Ice Age: Continental Drift. You can’t buy ad time like that!

So what did you think of the results? Did the voters get it right? Who deserved to go? And who do you think will win next week?


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