Did you watch Dr. J on 'The Office' last night?

The legendary Julius Erving made a cameo on "The Office" last night, acting as a potential client for Jim's new sports venture. Dr. J brought Jim to his private Philly gym so they could play a little one-on-one. Jim, as a major Philly sports fan (remember when his Second Life character was a Philly sportswriter?), was clearly psyched.

What did you think of the episode? We reckon it was quite strong for a late-series "The Office" episode, which is seeing a tiny uptick in quality since the dreadful eighth season. We thought the good Doctor's acting skills weren't half bad! They didn't give him many lines, but it's always nice to a Philly legend on TV. This isn't Erving's first foray into television as of late. He also made a camero in a recent remake of "Steel Magnolias." What did you think of Dr. J?

Confession time: We have to say, our favorite basketball player cameo on TV is still Detlef Schrempf on "Parks and Recreation."