DVD Bonanza: The new 98-disc 'Power Rangers' collection

In this publicity photo provided by Saban Brands, a scene from the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" TV show is shown. "Power Rangers" will commemorate its 20th anniversary with a panel, "Power Rangers: 20 Years and Beyond" at Comic Con on July 12, 2012, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Saban Brands)

It’s not too soon to consider what to give that special someone for Christmas. How about Power Rangers Legacy? It’s a limited edition DVD anthology of 20 years of the color-coded kiddie show superheroes. It packs 270 hours of action from the meta-franchise onto 98 discs, all packed into a collectible replica bust of the Red Ranger.

The press release describes the package as “A must-have for the most dedicated Power Rangers fans”. We know what you’re thinking: Priceless, right? In fact it is. Shout! Factory, which will release this omnibus on Dec. 3, has not settled on a dollar amount yet. Will you accept a blank check? Should we make it out to Squatt or Baboo?

No, the sorceress Rita Repulsa did not cast a spell of forgetfulness on you. It really has been 20 years since our saviors first burst on the scene as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

 The titles and the lineups have changed constantly over the decades, but the Rangers have never stopped fighting for our planet. Zordon be praised!

Now, thanks to Power Rangers Legacy, you can relive their epic adventures. All their epic adventures.




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