Conan O’Brien signs with TBS through 2018

Lately, it seems like the late-night game just can’t stop changing. At CBS, Letterman is leaving us, replaced by Stephen Colbert, who himself has been replaced at Comedy Central by Larry Wilmore. NBC saw Jay Leno ousted for Jimmy Fallon, and Craig Ferguson already has one foot out the door. As they say, though, change is the only constant. 

But not at TBS. Their other constant: Conan O’brien, at least through 2018.

TBS announced O’brien’s three-year extension today at a conference, an event that comes just over a year after the network said they’d extend the host’s contract through 2015. So, basically, they love the guy—that, and it looks like TBS would like to set up a long-term relationship with O’Brien. 

O’brien’s re-signing with TBS is not the first to occur in late night amid the recent host-changning. Jimmy Kimmel, in fact, signed with ABC through 2017 last week. Still, though, the shows serve different audiences, with Conan garnering more viewership among viewers under 35 than Letterman or Ferguson.

The important takeaway, though, is this: Conan, for once, isn’t going anywhere. If karma exists in late night, this is it in action.