Colbert talks chess with…who else?...Floyd Mayweather Jr. VIDEO

Floyd Mayweather Jr. walks to the ring to take on Canelo Alvarez during a 152-pound title fight, Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013, in Las Vegas. (Eric Jamison/AP)

What season is this? Fall? That means it’s time for Colbert’s “Sport Report” to check in on football and …chess?

Last night, Stephen jumped from a discussion of concussions on the gridiron to a ban on street chess in San Francisco. For this he brought out his “longtime chess correspondent”: boxer extraordinaire Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The two chatted about the dangers of the sport and why a ban makes logical sense. The champ discussed his own experience with this most physical of competitive ventures. “I was lucky,” he says. “My father put a bishop in my hand when I was 3.”

Who will ever forget the Queen’s Gambit Mayweather used against Miguel Cotto?

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