'Celebrity Apprentice' declares a winner

After all the subterfuge and sabotage, all the tears and catty smiles, the crazy challenges and the boardroom battles, it all came down to one question on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice finale between Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken.

Donald Trump squinted at Arsenio and really put him on the spot. “I heard you said that if you win the Trump seal of approval that would be the biggest moment in your life.” [I’m paraphrasing but only because my notes are illegible because the suspense was unbearable.] “Is that true, Arsenio, or is it something you said just to prostrate yourself before my ego?”

Come on, Arsenio. You know the answer to this. Think carefully. You’ve never been more sincere about anything in your life, right? Of course not! Good answer.

And so the die was cast.

Personally I think Clay cooked his own goose with his party presentation, during which he unleashed the most hellish musical duo since the advent of sound. I know the Donald is tone deaf, but even he must have been cringing in the place where his soul should be when Debbie Gibson took the stage with Dee Snider.


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