CBS’s ‘Unforgettable’ is indestructible

Lazarus has got nothing on Unforgettable, the CBS police procedural starring Poppy Montgomery as a detective who can recall everything she’s ever seen or heard down to the smallest detail..

A month ago the network cancelled the series after its first season. On Friday CBS announced it has changed its mind and will bring back the show for 13 episodes to run next summer.

It’s hard to say which decision was more baffling.

Unforgettable was averaging 12.1 million viewers when the plug was pulled. No other network show with an audience that size got cancelled this year, so Unforgettable’s demise was something of a shock.

Not as big as CBS’s decision to bring it back, though. The networks almost never change their minds, not even after massive fan campaigns (which Unforgettable didn’t enjoy).

So you figure it out. Why did Unforgettable expire too early and then refuse to stay dead?

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