Bristol Palin’s meltdown on ‘DWTS’


Tough week in the dance studio for Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas. As they prepared for their third-week routine on Dancing with the Stars, the reality show personality began to unravel. As you can see in this clip that aired before their paso doble,Bristol was in a pouty mood before Ballas came in the room. It only got worse.

I thought for a minute I was back in the cafeteria at Wasilla High School when she started in on the whole “you would rather be with Sabrina or Shawn” thing. But as you can see, even though she stormed out of the rehearsal in tears, the on-air dance went well.

Love their ice queen/dark prince meet on a chess board motif. And where can I download that infectious song?

In the end, the judges were unanimous that this was their best outing to date, and then proceeded to give them the night’s lowest score – again. So with tonight’s double elimination, it’s going to take a miracle to keep these crazy kids in this competition. As Sally Struthers used to ask, “Won’t you please help?”



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