Breathtaking matchup on ‘The Voice’


Last night was still early eliminations, the Battle Rounds, when the coaches on The Voice start thinning their teams down to six. But it sure sounded like the finals when Christina Aguilera put Anthony Evans in the ring against Jesse Campbell on Alicia Keys’ torch song, “If I Ain’t Got You”.

Afterwards, the crowd was on its feet, Cee Lo said he was “blown away” and Christina claimed to be “at a loss for words”. This may leave you a little speechless too. Check it out.

There were a lot of close matchups last night. But it was mostly a question of picking the singer with fewer flaws (Why did Blake take Rae Lynn over Adley?). But how in the blue blazes do you send home Anthony after a performance like that? Incredible!

Personally I’d call off the rest of the season, send the other contestants home and just let Jesse and Anthony belt it out every week until May.



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