Black Wednesday for network ratings

This image released by ABC shows Julie Bowen, left, and Ty Burrell in a scene from "Modern Family." (AP Photo/ABC, Peter "Hopper" Stone)

Congratulations, Law & Order: SVU. You were about the only Wednesday show that saw an improvement from last year. That may have something to do with its cliffhanger. The life of Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay) was in grave danger.

Otherwise it was bombs away on a bleak night in Burbank (and elsewhere in TV valley). Just about every series saw significant dips from a year ago. Among the big losers: Emmy perennial Modern Familywhich lost nearly 3 million viewers. Revolution was almost not televised, judging by the ratings.

Criminal Minds and CSI were down for CBS as were The Middle and Nashville on ABC. Survivor had its lowest rated episode ever.

The steep downturn was good news for the Maggie Lawson – James Caan comedy, Back in the Game which debuted last night. Not that it blew the doors off with 7.88 million viewers, but expectations were a lot lower on a night like this.





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