Big trouble over dwarf jokes



Ricky Gervais has a new HBO series debuting this weekend, Life’s Too Short, built around the comic travails of dwarf actor Warwick Davis. Here’s a preview.


It took a lot of work to find a clip from the series that wasn’t full of profanity or crammed with small-people insults. Gervais is already being ripped for the questionable taste and focus of the show. (I realize that sentence will draw more viewers than it will discourage.)

It’s been quite a week for insensitivity about dwarfism masquerading as humor. Consider this interview from the Rosie show of O’Donnell admitting to her guest Chelsea Handler that she is frightened of dwarves.

Handler takes it about a mile further, saying, “There’s not a lot of jobs for those kinds of people,” and talking about her E! show second banana Chuey, as if he were a Chihuahua. Ay caramba!

Did you also notice that Rosie couldn’t come up with the title for Game of Thrones? Short attention span.



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