Battle of the divas: Mariah vs. Nicki


You do the math. 42 > 29. So you might understand why seasoned siren Mariah Carey might feel a little challenged by the potential addition of younger yelper Nicki Minaj to the American Idol judging panel.

TMZ is reporting that when Idol producers called Carey to inform her they were negotiating with Minaj, the multi-octave dynamo hung up on them, Apparently she was under the firm impression that she would be the only female rating the talent this season.

And now for the American Idol rumor of the day: Kanye West is also reported to have been approached for the Idol gig recently. He’s said to be “on the fence” about whether it would be a good fit for him. Another sticking point: salary. He is said to be demanding at least as much as Mariah will be getting paid. That’s $18 million.

Of course this has become a new parlor game in the music business. Every day some recording star gets headlines by letting it slip they were contacted by one of the big TV singing competitions. Who can resist free publicity?

Also back in play, Randy Jackson. Maybe he'll end up in his usual seat and not mentoring after all.

Stay tuned. New Idol rumors on the hour.



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