Baskin stars in 'Puppy Bowl VIII' on Animal Planet

Who: Jack Russell mix rescued by Northern Liberties' Street Tails, star in "Puppy Bowl VIII" on Animal Planet, 3-5 p.m. Sunday.

Age: 15 weeks

Found: At 7 weeks, 1.5 pounds, part of a litter in a box dropped off at the city's Animal Control & Care Team shelter in August. (Since they were too young for the city shelter, Street Tails took them in.)

Now: Queen Village

Naming rights: Adoptive moms Pat Bigley and Kate Donegan named him Josh Baskin after Tom Hanks' character in "Big," because when they first got him, he was so small, "People would stop us on the street to ask if he was real," said Bigley.

Pedigree: A note on the litter's box said that Baskin was a Jack Russell-pug mix, but his moms think he's got hound dog in him. Said Bigley, "He's just learned to howl."

Skills: Besides howling, he catches and fetches.

Ejection: If Baskin doesn't get as much camera time as the other 57 doggy players, it'll be because he displayed a little too much on-field puppy love. Bigley notes, however, "He did great coming out of the tunnel."

Baskin, below, is just one of eight “Puppy Bowl VIII” participants who were born, rescued and adopted in Philadelphia. Baskin came from Street Tails (, but his fellow players all hail from the PSPCA (

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