Badger from ‘Breaking Bad’ goes back to nature VIDEO

Who can sing the praises of nature’s fiercest creature better than the vocalist for Jesse Pinkman’s band, TwaughtHammer?

OK, let’s try that a different way: Wouldn’t you like to hear Badger brag on the honey badger? Yeah, that’s more like it.

On his show last night, Jimmy Fallon introduced this clip for which he got Matt Jones, the actor who plays superstoner Badger on Breaking Bad, to narrate some Animal Planet footage of the honey badger.

“The honey badger is crazy, yo!” Marlin Perkins couldn’t have said it better.

Just my two cents, but if Vince Gilligan is serious about a Breaking Bad spinoff, it should star Badger and Skinny Pete, not Saul Goodman. Now that I would watch.

You won’t lose Jones after the Breaking Bad finale. Check out Mom on CBS. He’s hilarious as Anna Faris’s completely irresponsible ex.

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