‘Apprentice’: The night the music died



We’ve reached that nervy point in the Celebrity Apprentice season when nobody goes home without leaving claw marks on the boardroom conference table.

Let’s face it: there was a ton of stuff on Sunday night. So if you DVR’ed Apprentice and are waiting to watch it, stop reading now. Although it does raise the philosophical question: how can one spoil what has already happened? Discuss amongst yourselves.

In the meantime, results. It was a marathon 3-hour version of the show. In the first challenge, the women lost to the men again, although triumphant project manager Dee Snider had a little trouble registering his good fortune. After the Donald had his spawn read the two grand totals, Snider asked, “Did we win?” Yeah, Dee. You had the bigger number. So…

Losing project manager Teresa Giudice brought back (who else?) Dayana Mendoza and Debbie Gibson. The Donald expressed disappointment that Aubrey O’Day wasn’t there because she had raised the least money, implying he would have fired her. Instead: “Debbie, you’re fired.” The 80s pop star did not go gently into the Stygian elevator.

Then before the night’s second challenge, the Donald blended the genders. That put Aubrey on Arsenio Hall’s team, creating the season’s first thermonuclear reaction. Even though Arsenio won with his game-show concept, things got way nasty. See for yourself.


I remind you that this is after winning. Meanwhile Lou Ferrigno’s team went down. Dayana survived another boardroom elimination. (This woman is bullet proof.) And Dee Snider of Twister Sister fame had no choice but to take it when the Donald eliminated him.

If there’s one thing this season has taught us it’s that giving 110% is simply not enough. Well, it’s also taught us that insult comic Lisa Lampanelli is more nasty and back-biting than a cornered scorpion.

Next week, for the first time, Lampanelli shows her true colors (rancid and corrosive) in the boardroom. And Dayana probably survives.


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