Americans are increasingly naming their kids after ‘Game of Thrones’ characters

There once was a time when parents, following the birth of their child, could throw out a name like “Alex” or “Betsy” or “Tom” and be done with that part of the process. Now, though, it looks like more Americans are taking the time to figure out whether their sweet bundle of joy is more of a Daenerys or an Arya. Thanks, Game of Thrones.

Oddly enough, data from the Social Security Administration indicates that, in 2012, Americans birthed some 146 female babies and named them Khaleesi. But as fans of the show can tell you, though, Khaleesi is not actually a name—it is, in fact, the title given to Daenerys Targaryen following her marriage to Khal Drogo in season one. So, it’s basically the Dothraki equivalent of naming your daughter “Queen," but the easier spelling probably doesn't hurt too much, either.

Khaleesi actually was more popular in 2012 than more conventional names like Brandy (130 total) or Alex (128). The Khaleesi’s real name, Daenerys, sadly only counted 21 instances by the year’s end. 

This, however, is not the first time Game of Thrones has made its way into the baby-naming arena. That honor, of course, goes to Arya Stark, who inspired enough new parents to name their children after the character to make it onto 2011’s top 1,000 baby names list. In 2012, it was the 413th most popular name. 

Still, though, we’ve got at least two more years of Game of Thrones to come, so we might just see an influx of Tyrions or Melisandres sometime in the near future.