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Amanda Knox gives her first live interview to Robin Roberts on 'GMA'

"I felt so stunted, so limited, so hated for so long."

Amanda Knox gives her first live interview to Robin Roberts on ‘GMA’

Knox sits with Roberts on GMA.
Knox sits with Roberts on GMA.

“I felt so stunted, so limited, so hated for so long.”

Amanda Knox shares these words with Robin Roberts in the clip below of her first-ever live interview which aired Wednesday morning on Good Morning America. The sit down on the morning show was immediately following Knox's segment with Diane Sawyer, a pre-taped special that aired Tuesday evening.

Roberts, in her gentle-mannered but inquisitive way, asks Knox a series of follow-up questions starting with, “What is it that you wanted people to hear most from you?”

“I wanted people to know who I was most. I felt that I was lost most in the middle of this storm,” she shares.

Knox, who spent four years in Italian prison after being charged with the murder of her 21-year-old roommate Meredith Kercher, tells Roberts, “I had to learn how to deal with it as I went through it. I was 20. I was in this foreign country. I barely spoke the language. And my friend was murdered.” 

The now 25-year-old, who’s penned a book chronicling the “surreal” and “overwhelmingly tragic” situation and her time in jail, tells the show host that it was important for her to share everything in her memoir, Waiting to Be Heard.

“There’s no use for me to write this unless I was completely honest and completely bare,” Knox said to Roberts so she could reach out to the Kercher family. The family says they will not read the book, but Knox still “hopes” they will read it. “It’s the first way that I can reach out to them," she says. “Meredith Kercher is the victim. Meredith Kercher died. And her family deserves answers,” says Knox, who discusses her relationship with Kercher in the memoir.

Watch the full interview below.

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