All the chairs spin for country duo on ‘The Voice’


Man, when The Line started into Tom Petty’s chiming “American Girl” on The Voice last night, it was like pulling a plate full of pork chops through a dog kennel. You could just see those judges’ ears perk up.

Blake Shelton was the first to turn around, before it was even clear this was a duo. So far Leland had only sung the first verse by himself. Watch the look on his face when he sees what he just stumbled into. Sheer bliss. Then all the dominoes quickly fall when Hailey adds her voice.



Great segment as the judges all start strategizing to get the duo to choose them as a mentor. Adam Levine almost gets down on his knees to plead.

One thing’s for sure: Blake Shelton ain’t no psychic. While The Line is conferring on who they will pick, Blake confidently assures Christina, “You’re not going to get ‘em. You’re not going to get ‘em.” Na na na na boo boo.



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