ABC's ‘Body of Proof’: The Cheesesteak Did It!

So it's not really Philadelphia. At least 'Body of Truth' tries

Body of Proof, ABC’s new medical drama starring Dana Delany, ostensibly takes place in Philadelphia, although it’s shot in Providence, R.I. Still the show tries to true to its make-believe Brotherly Love setting.

Take last night’s episode, “Dead Man Walking”. The body of a man is found in a plaza. His ID indicates he lived on Callowhill Street.

Then Delany’s medical examiner shows up at the scene, notices a stain on the dead man’s luggage and gives it a sniff.

Whiz from a cheesesteak, she states with finality. That sets her detective (Sonja Sohn from The Wire) on a lengthy canvas of sandwich shops in the area.

“How many cheesesteak places can there be in one neighborhood?” she asks wearily.

Not going to give away any more of the plot, but let’s just say cheesesteaks loom large in solving the mystery.

Interesting guest casting in this episode, including Christina (Mad Men) Hendricks in a dual role as both a corpse who had an apartment at 45th and Locust and as her (living) identical twin.

The plot’s arrogant surgeon is played by Marc Blucas, who you may remember as the intrepid Riley on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Hey, Dr. Dana, if your nose is that keen why didn’t you tell us if the fateful cheesesteak was wid or widout?





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