ABC moves forward with Kevin Hart’s semi-autobiographical comedy pilot

Kevin Hart is currently slaying the box office with his buddy comedy, Ride Along, which only was the beginning for the Year of Kevin Hart. Now the Philly funnyman is moving forward with his semi-autobiographical comedy pilot at ABC. North Philly, represent.

ABC first picked up the project back in October with a put-pilot commitment, calling for a half-hour comedy based on Hart’s popular stand-up bits. Developed  in part by Community executive producers Garret Donovan and Neil Goldman, Hart’s show reportedly will look at the life of a divorced couple as they try to remain friends for their kids despite the problems they face.

The comedian, unfortunately, doesn’t plan to star in the series—though he likely will take a recurring role should the series go to order. Donovan and Goldman will serve as the show’s writers, while Hart and his manager, Dave Becky (of Louie fame), will step on as co-executive producers. 

What’s more, Hart’s pilot serves as ABC’s first order for a multicamera comedy this season, which appears to mean that the network has no trouble throwing serious weight behind Hart’s work. But, with Let Me Explain grossing more than $32 million, why would they?

The catch, though, is that the series will only go to pickup “contingent on cast approval,” as Vulture points out. The easy way around that is to simply put Hart in the lead role.

I know at least one city that would support that decision.

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