A fired-up Trump fires two on ‘Apprentice’


Donald Trump called it “a no-brainer”. The challenge on Celebrity Apprentice last night was a sales presentation and brief q&a for a new model Buick. Logic and the Donald would strongly suggest that the men’s captain would be Michael Andretti. After all, the guy is part of one of America’s most famous automotive dynasties. Andretti abdicated leaving comic Adam Carolla to rally the men. (Well, at least he has “car” in his name.)

You could tell this seriously peeved Chairman Don. And you do not want to see him with his dander up. Not with that hairdo. Even Ivanka was astonished that Andretti passed on the captainship, saying to him, “I don’t think you’re ever going to get anything closer to your wheelhouse than this.”

How angry was the Donald? He declared the women winners. After this incredibly squeamish presentation.


How angry was the Donald? One execution was not enough. When Carolla wouldn’t bring his weaker links into the boardroom as custom dictated, it only inflamed his blood lust.


Poor Michael. Maybe he didn’t get the memo. When the Donald suggests you do something (like captain a challenge), the “suggestion” is really an order.



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