3 crazy-making commercials


If you see any TV commercial often enough, eventually it will start to really annoy you. But there are some that are kind of disturbing right from the get-go. And when you see these creepy ones over and over they become like some horrible alien spore nestled in your brain. As soon as they start up again, you begin hyperventilating and grip the arms of the chair and scream out loud “…


Alright, I’m going to nominate three that creep me out for various reasons. Then I want to hear your selections for the commercial that if you see it one more time, you’re going to ….

First up, the baritone baby with the beard. I’m not sure what part of this revolts me – that little car or his dancing or the baby bottle in the club. All I know is I feel sick every time this comes on. Is that what they mean by ad nauseam?

Seen this Ragu ad? Poor chubby adolescent walks in on his home doing the dirty in the middle of the afternoon. Catch that look on his face? What will make him feel better? A giant bowl of starch. Not to put too fine a point on it, but there’s nothing to indicate the smiling guy at the table is his father. Gulp!

Finally we have this incredibly misleading commercial for 5 Hour Energy. That big stack of papers? Doctors’ studies. This must prove something, right? Except if you listen to what she’s saying none of the 73% of the physicians she cites actually endorses 5 Hour. It’s total flim flam. She’s selling snake oil. Incredible.


Your turn. Tell me a commercial that you simply can’t stand.



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