WATCH: Jon Stewart apologizes to the Phanatic for anti-Philly rant

On Tuesday night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart hurt us, and bad. From cheesesteaks to our continued use of the art museum as public exercise equipment, he tore asunder everything we as Philadelphians hold dear. Last night, though, we got our apology—sort of.

Kicking off the show acknowledging that he “hurt some people I care about very much” in reference to the anti-Philly bit, Stewart then issued an apology to the one and only Phillie Phanatic, who he knows as “Phillip E. Phanatic.”

As you may remember, Stewart called the Phanatic a “Jim Henson reject” in Tuesday’s epic rant, a designation that presumably hurt our city’s beloved baseball mascot. As Stewart say, he realized he had to make this right after the taping. After all, Mr. Met “also inhabits the netherworld twixt human and animal.” 

It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong, Jon. Glad you’ve seen the light—we are working on forgiving you.

Check out the video below:

[Comedy Central]