'Friends' co-creator's new show 'Georgia' opens on YouTube

After co-creating "Friends" with Bala's David Crane, you'd figure Broomall's Marta Kauffman could probably take her new show, "Georgia," anywhere she liked.

She's chosen YouTube, though, for the three-episode premiere (which run all together looks a lot like a pilot episode) and as of Monday, it's live on the video-sharing site's WIGS scripted channel.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") plays Georgia, a "yogic healer," who's engaged to Michael (Harold Perrineau, "Lost," "Sons of Anarchy") but seems to be dragging her feet about their coming wedding.

Each of the three episodes -- they run no more than seven or eight minutes apiece -- is built around a different client of the therapist (who, happily, is a lot more grounded than the one former "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow plays in Showtime's "Web Therapy").

Ellis is charming and Perrineau, I'm happy to say, is a lot less scary than the character he's playing this season in "Sons of Anarchy." Three episodes didn't seem nearly enough, which is about the nicest thing I can say about any web series daring enough to be premiering against the networks' fall lineups.

You can check it out here.