Monday, November 30, 2015

Broussard, Meredith

Creator Noah Hawley returning for another season of the critically acclaimed anthology.
December is looking pretty hot for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”
Nov 14 - 7:53 AM
During a live broadcast, “Real Time with Bill Maher” host Bill Maher asked a panel, consisting of Dylan Ratigan, Michael Steele and Jay Leno, “I’m going to ask you this question that people asked after 9/11, because I don’t think we still know the answer: Why do they hate us?”
Nov 10 - 11:58 PM
Another crime show is coming to a living room near you. This time Wilmington, Delaware will be the set for “Murder Town,” reports Delawareonline...
Nov 10 - 11:15 AM
Maybe Michael Keaton was a bit perturbed that the gentleman waiting on him at the cellphone store would rather watch “Spider-Man” than notice that he was standing in front of Batman for heaven’s sake!
Oct 23 - 3:40 PM
Rydal’s own Bradley Cooper appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night, discussing everything from some of his first Philly-area jobs to his grandmother, who apparently had a pretty stellar physique.