13 TV shows to binge-watch during your snow day

A real snowfall has finally come to Philadelphia, and with 3 to 6 inches possible in the area, many schools, workplaces, and government offices are closed for a snow day.

Which means one thing: It’s time to binge-watch some TV. And maybe have some hot chocolate. Because let’s be honest: You’re not leaving your couch except to sweep off your stoop.

Here, we’ve gathered up over a dozen picks for streamable TV shows that are perfect for marathoning on a snow day, whether you’re into the classics like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, or modern tech dramas like Mr. Robot. Get ready for your binge below:

Camera icon  FX
Cuba Gooding, Jr. (left) as O.J. Simpson and Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran in FX's "The People v. O.J. Simpson."

FX’s dramatized take on the O.J. Simpson story adapts author Jeffrey Toobin’s book about the case to television with a fantastic cast that includes Cuba Gooding Jr. as Simpson, Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, and Courtney B. Vance as an understated Johnnie Cochran. Sure, the conclusion is foregone, but director and executive producer Ryan Murphy and his crew manage to keep the series taught and suspenseful.

Where to stream: Netflix.

Camera icon  Craig Blankenhorn
Ben Sinclair as The Guy in HBO's "High Maintenance."

The snow may be keeping you from getting your own delivery, but you can still follow The Guy (actor Ben Sinclair) around the streets of New York City as he drops off weed to customers and helps solve their existential problems in this elevated HBO stoner comedy. Some episodes are sad, and others are silly, but all of them are worth checking out — even if you aren’t stoned like every character on the show.

Where to stream: HBOGo.

Camera icon  CBS Photo Archives
Mary Tyler Moore.

Mary Tyler Moore died late last month, but she will be remembered as an actress who changed the television landscape with The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The show starred Moore as Mary Richards, the first independent, career-minded woman as a main character in the history if television in the U.S. Our pick for the best episode? “Chuckles Bites the Dust,” one of the best sitcom episodes of all time.

Where to stream: Hulu.

Camera icon  TruTV
Billy Eichner in "Billy on the Street."

You may not be going outside today, but with Billy on the Street, at least you’ll be able to feel like you did — and have some laughs along the way. Join host Billy Eichner in New York City as he harasses passersby with ridiculous questions such as “Would you sleep with Paul Rudd?” A question for the ages, and a snow day ought to give you just enough time to formulate your own answer.

Where to Stream: Hulu.

Camera icon Byron Cohen / FX
"You're the Worst" stars Aya Cash (left) and Chris Geere (right) as selfish, mean, terrible people in love.

FX’s You’re the Worst is ostensibly a romantic comedy series, but it also happens to be one of the most dramatic shows of the last few years. The series follows Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash), two selfish, mean people who fall in love, which is difficult, considering they aren’t relationship people (remember: selfish and mean). Still, the show doesn’t shy away from more series topics, like PTSD and clinical depression. Think Louie, but with two misanthropes as the stars instead of one.

Where to stream: Hulu.

Camera icon  hbo
"The Larry Sanders Show," starring Garry Shandling.

Gerry Shandling died unexpectedly in 2016, but fans can still remember his comedic stylings thanks to The Larry Sanders Show. The show takes place behind the scenes of a late-night talk show, using the setting to dissect celebrity and public persona that allows guest stars like David Duchovny to play off themselves. That element allows the show to hold up more than 20 years after its premiere, and it’s still incredibly binge-able.

Where to watch: HBOGo.

Camera icon  Amazon Studios
Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan in the second season of Amazon's "Catastrophe."

Not many shows accurately portray how awkward romantic relationships can be, but Amazon’s Catastrophe has a comedic laser-focus on what’s so weird about folks going from “me” to “we.” The series stars Rob Delaney as Rob, an American businessman who travels to London for work and meets Sharon (Sharon Horgan) an Irish woman with whom he has a weeklong affair that results in a pregnancy. Rather than shallow and corny, this romantic comedy one is deep and endearing, perfect for a snow day binge.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video.

Camera icon  Netflix
Netflix's "White Rabbit Project" features former 'Mythbusters' stars Grant Imahara (left), Kari Byron, and Tory Belleci.

Mythbusters may be gone, but fans of busting myths can still get their fill from the show’s former crew, who now are heading up Netflix’s White Rabbit Project. Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, and Tory Belleci pick up where the series left off, but with a focus in pop-culture events rather than urban legends. Don’t worry, though — there’s still plenty of builds, tests, experiments, and explosions. A perfect cure to the Myth-drawals that still may be plaguing devout followers of Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage.

Where to stream: Netflix.

Camera icon Scott Everett White / The CW
Rachel Bloom has the title role in "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend."

What better than a musical black comedy to get you through a long snow day? Rachel Bloom stars in this smart, pointed series from Bloom and The Devil Wears Prada writer Aline Brosh McKenna as a depressed lawyer who abandons her life in New York to chase a high school boyfriend in California. There are several songs in each episode, with stylings ranging from slow jams (“Sexy Getting Ready Song”) to MGM-style musical showstoppers (“West Covina”). Wacky, yes, but addictive. Even better? Season Two starts streaming Saturday on Netflix.

Where to stream: Netflix.

Camera icon Virginia SHerwood / USA Network
Rami Malek (right) as Elliot Alderson and Christian Slater (left) as the title character in 'Mr. Robot.'

Rami Malek stars as Elliot, a computer security geek by day and vigilante hacker by night, in this tech-oriented thriller of a series from USA. Christian Slater supports as the titular Mr. Robot, an anarchist revolutionary who leads a hacker collective known as “fsociety.” Elliot joins the group to help them rise up against the rich and powerful for a story that comes off like a kind of more technological Fight Club.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime Video.

Camera icon Saeed Adyani / Netflix
"Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" stars Lauren Graham (left) as Lorelai Gilmore and Alexis Bledel as Rory Gilmore.

If you grew up with Rory Gilmore, this is the series for you. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life catches up with Rory, now a Yale graduate with a career in journalism, years after the original series ended in 2007. Organized into four 90-minute episodes, the show throws viewers back into the world of the original Gilmore Girls, but with a little evolution — and a lot of nostalgia. Check this one out for an update on a modern classic — even if Lorelai doesn’t seem so cool anymore.

Where to stream: Netflix.

Camera icon  Netflix
Comedian Maria Bamford in "Lady Dynamite."

Bipolar disorder and depression aren’t usually funny, but Maria Bamford isn’t your usual comedian. Lady Dynamite dives headlong into the world of those disorders with this semiautobiographical show. Time and tone are all over the place, and Bamford often breaks the fourth wall, so the show takes some getting used to, but once you’re all-in, it’s tough to beat Bamford comedic sensibilities. Plus, the show is produced by Lower Merion High School grad Dan Kaplow.

Where to stream: Netflix.

Camera icon Mickey Osterreicher / Courtesy of ESPN Films
O.J. Simpson returns to Rich Stadium in 1980 for his induction into the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame, escorted through the crowd by Buffalo Police officers.

2016 was oddly the year of O.J. Simpson, but if non-fiction is more up your alley than FX’s American Crime Story, ESPN has you covered with their five-part 30 for 30 documentary on the case. At 7.5 hours long, this doc follows Simpson’s life from his childhood in San Francisco to his football glory days, and, eventually, jail. They don’t make documentaries much more in-depth than this.

Where to stream: Hulu, ESPN app.