Friday, January 30, 2015

$1 million an episode for Ashton Kutcher?

'he 'Two and a Half Men' replacement is negotiating a pay raise

$1 million an episode for Ashton Kutcher?



So how did you like Walden Schmidt in his first year? Apparently CBS liked him just fine.

That’s the character Ashton Kutcher plays on Two and a Half Men, replacing flameout Charlie Sheen who blew off the best paying job in sitcomery at $1.25 million per episode.

Kutcher took a gamble when he took the job with CBS before the season began, signing on for a one-year contract at $700,000 an episode – a steal, right?

His strategy was that if the ratings held up, the network would be forced to renegotiate and then (that is, now) he would be sitting in the catbird seat.

Well, The Big Bang Theory has supplanted Two and Half Men as CBS (and TV’s) top comedy. But the Kutcher-Cryer pairing is held up remarkably well in its 9th season, averaging just under 14 million viewers.

TV Guide is reporting that Kutcher, already the year’s highest paid sitcom star, is expected to jump over the million dollar mark into the Sheen stratosphere.

CBS recently announced the renewal of 18 of its series for next season, a strong show of confidence. Two and a Half Men was notably missing. Apparently they want Kutcher’s signature on the contract before they commit.



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