'The Bachelor'’s cuckoo shotgun wedding


Down to four lovelies on The Bachelor and you know what that means. Time for the visit to their home towns. Kind of ironic that at the first stop, Lindzi’s Florida ranch, her dad insisted that they go carriage racing. Because The Bachelor is a show that always puts the cart before the horse.

At each stop, there was talk about true love, and “you have my full blessing” and even grandchildren. Yikes! Well, maybe not Kacie’s dad, and you may notice she got punished in the end because her old man wouldn’t get on board the pretend-romance express.

Of course, no one takes it to extremes like Courtney. She turned her hometown date into a … well, it looks quite a bit like a wedding, doesn’t it?


Man, she has Ben just tied around her pinky. As she draws him further and further into the ceremony, he looks, with his blank face and hair parted in the middle, like a Shemp being drawn to the slaughter.

BTW, I wouldn’t have noticed this but several people have pointed out that Courtney’s “spontaneous” wedding vows seem to have been plagiarized.


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