VIDEO: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ blasts CBS ratings into the stratosphere

The name of Thursday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory was “The Occupation Recalibration”. It had to do with Penny’s decision to quit her waitressing job. But it lead to some genuine recalibration at the network as they adjusted all their ratings numbers up.

The Big Bang Theory delivered its biggest 8 p.m. audience ever with more than 20 million viewers. (We wouldn’t need that 8 p.m. asterisk but a special 8:30 airing of the sitcom holds the all-time viewing record for the show.) I’m pretty sure they were celebrating at the Caltech lab anyway. Tang for everyone!

That bounty helped boost the other shows on the CBS schedule.

Riding Bang’s coattails, The Millers had 13.6 million viewers, its largest audience to date and up 18 percent from last week. Crazy Ones was up 20 percent, Two and a Half Men 9 percent and Elementary was up 11 percent.

It’s too bad NBC’s Community has to go head-to-head with the CBS nerds because last night’s episode about the butt-crack bandit at Glendale was a high point for the series. But how you gonna compete with chemistry and physics like you see in the clip below from last night’s episode. Last chance to see Sheldon doing yoga.

Trouble seeing the video? Click here.


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