Look out below: Louie’s last dive


“You’re probably the first 400 lb plus man to do what you just did – in the world,” marveled Splash judge Steve Foley. Actually he may be the first man of any weight to execute this remarkable maneuver. Take a peek.

Yes, Louie Anderson took on the challenge to do a flip last night on ABC’s celebrity diving show. It's the way he did it that astounds us. His one-and-a-half ungainly from a seated position could not really be accounted diving. It’s more like falling (and he can’t get up.)

Louie was eliminated in a close race to the bottom with Katherine Webb, the Alabama beauty queen who also took a hard fall last night. The fractional difference between them in judges’ scores may come down to the fact that Webb fills a wild bikini better than Louie.

Want another laugh? ABC’s purposefully stupid, chintzy Splash (take obscure celebs and  just add water) is beating NBC’s high-toned and expensive Smash in the ratings. You can’t make this stuff up.


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