Grandma was raised by monkeys, sez 'Today'

A grandmother claims she was raised by monkey for five years on Today.

I’m a creature of habit. Usually I switch over to Sportscenter in the morning right after Al delivers the weather on Today.

But Matt Lauer delivered a tease this morning that kept me riveted: the story of a British grandmother who maintains that she spent five years in the jungles of Colombia as a child, being raised by Capuchin monkeys.

How you gonna resist a yarn like that?

Sounds like a story from the old Weekly World News, I know. But it has to be true because it was reported by Michelle Kosinski, a beacon of journalistic integrity. Take it away Michelle.

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I’m not sure which part of that report I enjoyed most. I guess when Marina Chapman climbed up a tree and started shaking the branches vigorously. You wanted proof? You got it.

It was the scene in this segment that convinced the Today folks ¬ Natalie, Matt, sit–in Hoda and particularly Al ¬ that the story was verified.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I run across the Today set, proving that I was raised by cheetahs.


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