Auditorum Duet: Cipher Prime launch Kickstarter to support sequel to auditorium

William Stallwood and Dain Saint have high hopes.

When Cipher Prime released their first title, Auditorium, they found themselves with a smash hit on their hands, an immediate darling in the indie game community. Challenging gamers to create music by bending beautiful streams of light through complex puzzles, Auditorium won numerous awards and was an honoree at the Webby Awards.

And now, they’re getting ready to develop a sequel. Auditorium: Duet.

Auditorium: Duet is a multiplayer version of the hit game that will allow gamers to interact with one another locally on the same network, as well as over the Internet with friends around the world. It’s an ambitious sequel with some seriously unique gameplay mechanics.

And they need your help to make it happen.

To support the creation of Auditorium: Duet without a publisher (remember, Cipher Prime is a developer), they’ve launched a Kickstarter page in an attempt to raise $60,000. The funds will help the Cipher Prime crew develop the title non-stop for six months, and will allow them to “cut out the middlemen and take the development process straight from the fans to [the] company and back.”

The perks are pretty fantastic. Donate a mere $15, and you’re basically putting down your pre-order for the title and guaranteeing a place for yourself in the game’s credits. Always wanted to be a beta tester? Kick your donation up to $100, and help shape the game.

Other awards include framed game artwork, downloads of the soundtrack, handmade plaques, and a romantic dinner with the Cipher Prime team, complete with Dain Saint playing piano and William Stallwood juggling for your entertainment. I’m serious.

Visit the Kickstarter page to scope out the perks and place your donation. As of this writing, they’re about a third of the way there. Let’s help them make it.