SNL Satirizes Apple Obsession

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SNL's "Tech Talk" slams the slammers.

Tech bloggers' obsession with Apple products came in for well-deserved ridicule on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live."

Posted here by the sometimes Apple-slamming blogger Joe Wilcox - an irony unto itself - the bit pits episode host Christina APPLEgate as the host of a fictional "Tech Talk" - digging into the shocking "plethora of glitches and design flaws" in the iPhone 5 with bloggers from CNet, Wired and Gizmodo. (Here is a direct link to the video.)

Echoing the actual picayune palaver turned into poisonous posts, one nerd complains about the innacuracy of Apple Maps and how he's been "forced to use Google Maps in my browser, which is significantly slower."

The ultra-serious Wired-up girl complains "every time I point the phone's camera at the sun" she gets a purple haze on the photo.

Then the Gizmodo grouser tries to raise a ruckus over the phone being "too thin and too light. I know I asked for a phone that's thinner and lighter but this is ridiculous."

APPLEgate then brings on three Chinese factory workers who produced the iPhones to inject a dose of real-world persective. One tisks how Apple Maps may send the nit-pickers to the wrong fast food restaurant - but at least they can afford to eat.

As skit capper, APPLEgate asks the peasant workers if they have any complaints about American products. And draws a blank. "Does diabetes count as a product?"