Apple Hooks Up with Moore College and McCartney

Bloggers make strange bedfellows. So do high tech companies. That's how we're linking Apple to both Moore College of Art and Sir Paul McCartney today.

While famously feuding for many years over the whole Apple trademark thing, the Cupertino electronics giant clearly made its peace with the surviving Beatles and their Apple enterprises a few years back, with the highly promoted digital release of the Fab Four catalogue. And tomorrow night, Paul McCartney and Apple will very publically share a Pre-Valentines Day love fest - as Apple streams a free, live concert by Macca. The focus wil be on his brand new album "Kisses on the Bottom," which reprises "Great American Songbook" romantic songs   from McCartney's childhood  memory bank - the likes of "It's Only a Paper Moon" and "Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter" (from whence comes the album title) which he does up in retro-jazzy style. You can catch the concert renderings  (from Capitol Studios in Hollywood) for free at 10 p.m. Thursday  through the iTunes store and over Apple TV.

Closer to home, Apple has just made a deal with Moore College of Art to outfit every incoming freshman come fall with an iPad 2 "or whatever tablet is current at the time," said a school spokesperson. This  comes on the heels of Apple's newly escalated initiative to move iPads into  far more school programs. Details are still being worked out regarding curriculum pieces, faculty training, etc, but I'm told  the new think Moore courses will "integrate digital media and tools with tradition drawing and design media." Students also can expect to use the new mobile technologies "as a sketchpad, to take still images, shoot video and use apps to work out ideas, concepts or produce finished work."

Sounds like fun -  and a good way to make an art education relevant in this all-too-digital age.