You can now listen to Pink Floyd’s entire catalog on Spotify

Album art from Pink Floyd's 1979 album "The Dark Side Of The Moon"

After music fans streamed Pink Floyd’s song “Wish You Were Here” exactly one million times, Spotify finally unlocked the band’s entire discography.

It all started as a Twitter campaign from PF’s official account. On Thursday, June 13, they urged fans to, “ Help stream Wish You Were Here 1 million times to unlock Pink Floyd's catalogue on @Spotify:  #floydcountdown”

The band had been holding out on Spotify since 2010. At that time they insisted their catalog would only ever be available behind a pay wall. With premium streaming services becoming more and more popular each day, the band seems to have shifted sides and decided to go all in.

Although this is great news, Spotify isn’t the only streaming service with Floyd on tap. Paying members of Rdio and Rhapsody have had access to the band's albums for years.

Metallica is another band that recently allowed Spotify to host their catalog of music. Led Zepplin and–believe it or not–Taylor Swift are the only other major names that are holding off and negotiating deals.

Now go get on your Spotify players and soak it all in!