Watch: Khari Mateen's new visuals for 'Doing Things'

Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, producer, & composer, Khari Mateen, has been a busy guy. He recently released his new, self-directed/edited music video for his single, "Doing Things", which includes a handful of submissions from fans and supporters. After the video was released, Mateen issued a note to all of his supporters –

“I want to show a lot of love to all the people that submitted videos. The story line was inspired by what people sent in and if your video did not make it in it was because it was late (5:00 saturday) or I could not make it fit with the rest of the content. I love doing projects like this because it lets me see how you view my music. I’m learning and growing everyday and I like to share these thoughts and experiences with you. I want to do even more elaborate and deliberate social projects in the future. Please enjoy the video, please share with your friends, and have a wonderful week. Please keep in contact, and look for more music and videos coming soon.”

If this video is a reflection of what’s to come, then we’re pretty excited!

Check out the visuals for "Doing Things" below: