Watch Bob Dylan’s brilliant new interactive video for ‘Like a Rolling Stone’

Bob Dylan's interactive video for "Like a Rolling Stone."

With modern bands like Arcade Fire constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to music videos, it’s such a treat to see a legend like Bob Dylan contributing his music to contemporary visual advances.

Dylan’s immortal hit “Like a Rolling Stone” may have been released in 1965, but on Tuesday the musician [finally] released the track’s video and it was well worth the many-decade hold up.

The interactive video is set up like a television set and allows users to flip through a variety of channels. Each channel caters to a different audience: reality TV, home shopping, music videos, sports, news, romantic comedy, food and so on with all of the featured subjects mouthing the lyrics as viewers continue to change stations.

Some highlights include cameo appearances by the cast of Pawn Stars, rapper Danny Brown, Drew Carey on The Price is Right and many more are peppered in between clicks. Don't miss vintage Dylan on channel 121.

This might be our favorite video of the year.

Watch Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” video here.