WATCH: Local Taylor Swift fans get hitched outside Philly concert

Katy Harris got out of her brother’s SUV on Friday, June 12 in an elaborate getup. She arrived at Lincoln Financial Field at promptly 4:30 p.m. not only in preparation to see her favorite musician — Taylor Swift — perform, but to marry her fiance, Chris Eisenmann. So naturally, she was wearing a wedding dress.

It was a plan two weeks in the making. Harris was crafting their costumes for the 1989 Tour (the couple sees T. Swizzle every two years) when she thought of her still-unused wedding dress. The couple’s nuptials, originally planned for Dec. 13, 2014 — Taylor’s 25th birthday — had been postponed. Harris figured she’d put the dress to good use for the concert ... by getting married before it.

Chris Eisenmann is not your typical better-half-of-a-Swiftie. He’s a full-fledged Taylor Swift fan himself. He knows lyrics, choreographed dance moves, songs on the guitar (which he learned upon first meeting Harris). His fiancée didn’t have to force him to come to any of the pop darling’s concerts. He even willingly wore a T-shirt that Harris designed for him reading, “I only listen to three women: My mom, my girlfriend and Taylor Swift.” So when Harris broached the topic of their elopement outside of the Linc, the decision was easy: Of course.

When I met Harris in Lot K, she didn’t seem like a bride about to exchange vows. Of course she was done up, hair and makeup intact despite the heat, wind and humidity, radiant in white. But she was calm, almost placated by the fact that she could kill two birds with one stone.

She was prepared: marriage license, concert tickets, witnesses (sister-in-law Danielle Harris and close friend Bill Bennert), brother Tony Harris to perform the ceremony, handwritten vows, a table, wedding cake, booze, a Taylor Swift blanket to adorn said table, flowers, memory book. 

All that was missing was the groom. 

Not to maintain any sort of tradition, but more out of necessity, Eisenmann arrived separately to the stadium after a full day of school and work. It took him a few minutes to find his bride in the lot.

Reassuring me that usually it’s the bride that’s preoccupied with the details of the wedding day, Eisenmann proceeded to obsess over the details of the wedding day, further proving a point that this was not your typical ceremony. His preferences included wanting to be wed in front of a tree with a crowd. Security informed the party they’d be blocking the walkway in that case. While the rest of the group moved the mobile pulpit, Eisenmann went in search of an audience. He found one in a bachelorette party, more than willing to witness the marriage.

So the Harris-Eisenmann wedding set up shop in front of a bachelorette tailgate. The group of women proceeded to sing, like they’d done this sort of thing before. 

“They met each other in the fall of 2009 and one of the first times Katy went to Chris’s house, she picked up his guitar and played the chords of ‘Forever and Always,’ ” Tony read. “Who would’ve thought they’d be here today June 12, 2015, over five years later, and be promising each other forever and always before walking into Taylor’s concert?” 

Maroon 5’s “Sugar” was blaring from Q102’s live setup. Tears were welling up in Harris’ eyes as they exchanged vows. The bachelorette party watched in anticipation. It was a moment of love and pop music.

Over Adam Levine’s falsetto and the high-pitched roar of female bystander screams, the Eisenmanns were wed. The Maroon 5 song segued into a Swift medley and a dance party soon erupted. 

“How does it feel to be married?” I asked.

“It doesn’t feel much different except I have this ring on my finger,” Eisenmann replied. 

Bringing up the impending concert elicited a slightly more lively reaction.

“We’re walking into the best reception ever!” Harris exclaimed.

Like all good love stories, this one has a dream-come-true ending. Over the course of the concert, Swift’s mother, Andrea Finlay, caught sight of the newlyweds and invited them into the exclusive “Loft '89” — a post-concert hangout for selected fans to chill and meet Taylor.   

As they say, it’s a nice day for a white wedding. Or does it go, "It’s a love story, baby, she said yes?"