Stevie Wonder boycotts Florida after Zimmerman verdict

As a result of the Zimmerman trial verdict, celebrities and musicians dedicated personal and public moments to Trayvon Martin. Some even getting seriously injured over it.

Unlike his peers Stevie Wonder has decided to go above and beyond by boycotting the entire state of Florida. He broke the news to audience members at a Quebec City, Canada show stating he would ostracize any state with “Stand Your Ground” laws–which has become a topic of discussion surrounding the Zimmerman case:

"I decided today that until the 'Stand Your Ground' law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again," he said on stage. "As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world."

If that’s the statement Stevie is standing by, he’s eliminating 22 other states from his travel route–points out Huffington Post.