Sir Paul's 'Kisses On The Bottom'


Paul McCartney fans would no doubt rather get a Valentine's Day gift of hearing the left-handed bassist rock out as he did in that raging testosterone guitar fest that closed the Grammy awards, than sit around in a tux snapping his fingers with a full orchestra as he did on "My Valentine" earlier in the show. But give the soft-hearted still-cute Beatle a break: his new 14 song Kisses On The Bottom (Concord ** 1/2) set of mostly pre-rock swing tunes - plus two originals - that Macca learned in his Liverpool living room growing up is a warm-hearted trifle.

The title makes it sound like something pervy, but it's just a lyric from Fats Waller's "I'm Going To Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter," and the album is a music box of chocolate truffles proferred to Macca's new wife, Nancy Shevell. With Diana Krall and a team of studio pros backing him, McCartney lounges his way though pleasant if hardly thrilling love songs of “It’s Only A Paper Moon” and "The Glory of Love.” Not what he does best perhaps, but look on the bright side: The lyrics, by Irving Berlin, E.Y. Yarburg and Frank Loesser, are much better than they’d be if he wrote them himself.

Below, that big side two of Abbey Road blowout, with Joe Walsh, Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen.

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