From the Twitter-verse: Remembering Dick Clark

Dick Clark: Philadelphia Legend

TV producer, legendary "American Bandstand" host and entrepreneur Dick Clark died on Wednesday at the age of 82.

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Wonders of Philadelphia Promotional Film 1960s Narrated by Dick Clarkclipcafe
RIP Dick Clark. Bandstand was a fixture in my Philadelphia hometown.Susan D. Strayer
My father used to go dancing at American Bandstand in high school when it was still in Philadelphia. RIP Dick Clark.Rob Rounbehler
RIP Dick Clark...:( You will forever be a Philadelphia Legend. So Sad... Say a Prayer...Heather Heather
r.i.p. Dick Clark, representing Philadelphia, PA and the music he played on the bandstand. (low voice): BANDSTAND.John Book
RIP Dick Clark. You were one of Philadelphia's finest native sons, and one of Syracuse's finest alumni.MPH
Dick Clark...the man who helped coin the term 'teenager' on Philadelphia's American Bandstand (in MID 50's) is dead of a heart attack at 82.billy kravitz