R&B singer Ginuwine accused of being high on Molly during TV performance

Ginuwine, of musical group TGT, poses backstage at the Essence Festival at the Superdome on Sunday, July 7, 2013, in New Orleans. (Photo by Adrienne Battistella/Invision for Essence/AP Images)

Popped a Molly and sweated? Ginuwine denies it.

The R&B singer best known for hits like “In Those Jeans” and “Pony” is brewing in the middle of controversy after a cringe-worthy performance on WLNY’s The Couch  with fellow TGT band mates Tyrese and Tank. Ginuwine's bizarre behavior led to fans accusing the singer of being under the influence of Molly during the performance on July 19.

The trio performed their new single "I Need" from their upcoming album, Three Kings, but it seems like no one really paid attention to the song. And apparently neither did Ginuwine.

Viewers took notice of the crooner’s erratic mannerisms, as he continually fidgeted and looked more-than-slightly aloof. He even embarrassingly missed several singing cues, and his band mates definitely took notice. Tyrese threw some sharp, side-eye glares at the dazed singer and Tank also tried extremely hard to hold back his laughter.

Ginuwine denied being high during a recent interview with WorldStarHipHop, claiming that it was actually the “high” of a 5-Hour Energy drink that got him all jittery.

The band later cracked jokes about the performance on Twitter, but viewers will probably get the last laugh as the video is currently going viral on the interwebs.

You can watch the hilarious performance below. And don’t worry, feeling secondhand embarrassment is completely normal.