Questlove sits down with NPR to talk about new book

"DJing is my cocaine — you gotta do something after the show to unwind." – Questlove on DJing nearly every single night of his life

Questlove has lived a pretty incredible life and he's ready to tell us all about it.

Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson has been The Roots drummer for almost 20 years. During that time he's won Grammys, produced a major local festival, snagged a house band gig with Jimmy Fallon, taught classes at NYU and much more.

This June, Thompson releases his highly anticipated memoir titled Mo' Meta Blues–a book that is an intimate recollection the history of hip-hop and his own life experiences.

NPR's Lidia Jean Kott had a chance to chat with Questlove for a brief one on one to talk about the book, roller-skating with Prince and being a self-proclaimed dweeb in high school.


In your book, you say that you write your own reviews of your albums.

I feel a little silly admitting that. I was obsessed with Rolling Stones lead reviews. At the time... it was rare that the music I would listen to would wind up as a lead review. Rare for hip-hop and rap to get that glory. Half the time I was trying to imagine, "What if it were a fair playing field?" For my first six albums, I would draw the illustrations and write the reviews — that's how I craft the record. The perfect review is a 4.5, never a perfect 5. You study it and then manifest it.

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