Philly's own OCD: Moosh & Twist perform at TLA

OCD: Moosh and Twist and Instagram user @OneHispanic.

Oliver Feighan – commonly referred to as “Twist” by the Hip-Hop world – was frantic.

He was pacing the floorboards backstage at the Theatre of Living Arts. Feighan ran his fingers through his long, brunette mane. The spotlight beamed and exposed his new tattoos, each a testament of where he’s been since the last time he touched a stage in Philadelphia.

He started jumping, wearing down the soles on his black, canvas sneakers while another act performed to his right. Feighan was just tired of waiting.

“Man,” Feighan yelled. “I just want to perform. I can’t wait to kill it.”

It had been a few months since Feighan and his partner DeQuincy Coleman-McRae, better known as “Moosh,” had performed in front of their fans, their hometown admirers that is. The act known as “OCD: Moosh & Twist” had finally returned, and with it, something they forgot could happen before performing: pre-performance jitters.

Feighan sprinted up the steps behind the stage. The 21-year old cracked a brew and relaxed. Sitting next to Coleman-McRae, they glanced at each other, and looked around the burgundy room to see their closest confidants. Both beamed and began to relax.

Hours later, OCD: Moosh & Twist finally got on stage. And the same messy mane that Feighan was hassling with in impatience, he swung from side to side in enjoyment. There’s a new type of high that keeps these two from going insane.

“Performing is what we were born to do,” Feighan said. “Stepping out on stage is where we’re meant to be. There’s a lot of stress and pressure of running a business at the age of 21. But nothing else matters when we’re on stage performing. All the other thoughts go away. Its true euphoria.”

Moosh & Twist have been performing and making music since they were in grade school in the Philadelphia area. They’ve made four different mixtapes and recently released their first album “Living Out Loud.”

Thursday night at the TLA was their recent stop on their 21-city tour around the United States, their first headlining tour after spending time hanging with acts as big as Maybach Music Group rhymester Wale.

But it’s finally their time. For a Philadelphia music scene that’s either centered around one act or somewhat off the grid, OCD: Moosh & Twist are starting to develop a national following.

Their “Living Out Loud” Tour rocked a packed house at the TLA that included acts headlining such as Philly’s Major Van Winkle, Jared Evans and more. Their debut album is available currently on iTunes and they’ll be touring for another month.

But when Moosh & Twist leave the stage after shutting down an arena, it’s that “euphoria,” the high these two get when leaving the stage, that best describes a performance from the 21-year old duo. Indescribable.

“The fact that anyone wants to come out and see us perform is amazing,” Twist said. “We’re just grateful for it all. Super grateful for everything.”